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Have fun with Quebec City online riddles

Thanks to Jonathan, an urban game creator from Wild Child, I had the opportunity to try the light and advanced versions of Quebec City riddles, both available on Travel Quest.

As a tour guide in Old Quebec, knowing many secrets and details, I thought these riddles will be a piece of cake. It was indeed more than useful for the trivia part, but it gives only a few points. For most riddles, knowing history gives you almost no advantage: the game is equally difficult for local tour guides and people who never came. It was a challenging and fun game I tested with a friend, Mathieu. Let’s take a look!

How the game works

You must create an account on Travel Quest website and then purchase quest tickets (11,50 USD).

You can play solo or with friends who can join you in your team or have their own teams.

Once you start the quest (light or advanced), there’s a 24 hours countdown. We spent several hours for each quest.

More missions you complete, more points you earn. You can use the points earned to buy clues to solve the riddles if you’re stuck. Each mission completed gives you parts for the final riddle.

You play from home: you mostly use Google Earth to find the answers to the riddles. Sudoku and calcudoku puzzles must be solved.

Challenging and fun online game

As French speakers, riddles in English added a challenge. Mathieu and I felt it was harder for us to clearly understand them. We were stuck many times. By playing the other missions, we better understood the meaning of the riddles and we successfully found the answers to all them. Each time we got one, we were so happy and laughed on our previous mistakes.

It’s necessary to use Google Earth to find answers of the riddles: street view, bird view, satellite view. Old Quebec environnement was of course very familiar to me and that was fun to take a new look at it to find some details sometimes not related to heritage or history. Like “where are the flags I can see from this position with Google Earth bird view?” – typical question you never ask yourself as a tour guide but you have to if you want to solve one riddle.

While for my friend Mathieu, he enjoyed wandering online on spots he went years ago. It reminded him the nice holidays he spent there.

And history?

Each mission gives you some basic but interesting historical information about several topics related to Quebec City, all accurate by the way. I feel these quests are great ambassadors to Old Quebec because you quickly understand how rich and complex is local history.

For people who never came in Quebec City, it is definitely a unique way to have a foretaste of the heritage we have here. That would be especially fun to visit Old Québec for real after having played these online quests.

There’s much more to learn about the spots you visit online; and for that, we provide guided tours! 🙂