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Gift Card

Reservation for Gift card

50$ + $50.00
100$ + $100.00
150$ + $150.00
200$ + $200.00
250$ + $250.00
300$ + $300.00
350$ + $350.00
400$ + $400.00

You can read our terms & conditions here.

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Do you know people who plan to visit Québec City? Our gift card is the perfect gift: they will be able to use it when they want (no expiry) to book a tour with us. Let them decide when and what to book.

How the gift card works?

  1. You choose an amount and buy the gift card . You can specify the recipient email if you don’t want it for yourself.
  2. After payment, we confirm with you the details and we send the gift card to you or the recipient of your choice.
  3. The gift card has no expiry, no limitation. It can be used for all tours.