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Old Quebec : Battles & Sieges

    The time of a pitched battle, explore the defensive network of Quebec City and relive the exploits and misfortunes of generals, soldiers and victims of past wars. Realize how Quebec’s military history has shaped today’s city and literally influenced the fate of the world.

    • Walking tour
    • 2 hours
    • Moderate
    • Group size: 15 people max.
    • Starting at 30$/person (Canadian $, taxes included)

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    Quebec City, also known as the Gibraltar of North America, has the biggest defensive network of the American continent and a fascinating military history. Here fought French, British and Americans to control the strategic city and keep or conquer Canada, with the help of First Nations. Generals died here during epic battles and sieges ; one of them is even taught in every good military school such as the United States Naval Academy.

    Defenders built batteries, fortifications, bunkers and even a citadel in order to keep Quebec City. You’re going to see some of these elements during this military history walking tour.

    Quebec City has been involved in several of the famous wars of the past centuries :

    • the 30 Years’ War with the Kirke Brothers and Champlain,
    • the War of the Grand Alliance with Phips and Frontenac,
    • the 7 Years’ War (also known as French & Indian War and The Conquest) with Wolfe and Montcalm,
    • the American Revolutionary War with Montgomery, Arnold (yes, Benedict Arnold !) and Carleton,
    • and even World War One and World War Two !

    You’ll be surprised how, sometimes, fate is due to tiny details. History teaches us many lessons still accurate today for the modern warfare.

    If you would like to better understand what happened in Quebec City, why Canada is an independent country and not an American State and finally why we still speak French : this tour is for you. If you’re military history buff, this tour is a must do.

    Highlights of the military tour

    Each guide has its own itinerary, but you’re mostly going to see :

    • Royal Battery,
    • St. Louis forts’ vestiges from the boardwalk,
    • Château Frontenac,
    • At least one of the three gates : St. John, Kent, St. Louis,
    • Surrounding wall of Quebec City, including the part built by Chaussegros de Léry (1720s),
    • Battlefields park (Plains of Abraham), at least the entrance,
    • Cross of Sacrifice.

    Depending on the itinerary your guide chose, you might see :

    • A Martello tower,
    • Dauphine Battery,
    • Dauphine redoubt,
    • Cavalier du Moulin,
    • Montcalm’s house during the siege,
    • Wolfe and Montcalm monument,
    • Terrace of Lévis,
    • Quebec City Armoury.

    Important note : guides are not allowed to guide you inside the citadel of Quebec City. You’ll have to visit this place on your own and Tours Accolade recommends it.

    Statue of Gandhi, Saint-Louis Street (Saint-Louis Gate)

    How to get there ?

    On Saint-Louis street, next to the Saint-Louis Gate, not far away from Grande-Allée Est, there’s the statue of Gandhi. If you see the busts of Churchill and Roosevelt, you’re on the wrong side of the gate.

    If you need help or if you didn’t find an availability that suits you, please contact us. We might add an availability for you if we can. It is also possible to provide a private tour.

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