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Old Quebec : Mesdames & Mesdemoiselles

    Discover the often unknown history of the women from Quebec City and Lévis: their reality, their struggles and their legacy. A local look at the evolution of women’s rights and above all an original and unique way to visit Old Quebec.

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    • Walking tour
    • 2 hours
    • Moderate
    • Group size: 15 people max.
    • Starting at 30$/person (Canadian $, taxes included)

    Sorry, this tour is scheduled, but online bookings are temporarily not available on our website.

    The tour is likely available to book on some platforms, contact us and we’ll let you know how to book.

    For many reasons, men prevail in history. We know their names better, we see their statues everywhere. Quebec City is no exception.

    Yet women also play a role and some have made a decisive contribution to history. Here again, Quebec City is no exception.

    During this two-hour guided tour, we will stroll through the streets of Old Quebec and discover known, less known and unknown women.

    Some have worked in politics, architecture or medicine. Others joined religious orders, built successful businesses, or shone during conflicts. One of them has even become a legend!

    We will take this opportunity to discuss the evolution of the condition of women from New France to our time, without forgetting the First Nations.

    With this unique guided tour, we invite you to answer a complex question: why are women so little present in history?

    This purely historical tour is neither activist nor politicized. We will approach the subject in a rigorous and objective way, we will try to popularize, without caricature, the complexity of the events and historical figures of the past.

    We are grateful to Mrs. L. Desrochers, historian, for her invaluable help to build this unique tour.

    Monument dedicated to women in politics, Parliament of Quebec Province, Grande-Allée Est

    How to get there ?

    On Grand Allée Est in Quebec City, between the famous driveway and the South side of the Parliament of Quebec Province (Hôtel du Parlement), there’s a statue with 4 women. This statue is dedicated to the women in politics and it’s the meeting location.

    If you need help or if you didn’t find an availability that suits you, please contact us. We might add an availability for you if we can. It is also possible to provide a private tour.

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