Old Quebec Private Walking Tour

This private walking tour of Old Quebec aims to make you understand the complex history of Québec City, Québec Province and Canada. Cradle of the French civilization in North America, highly strategic place where empires clashed, Old Quebec has the look of a European city steeped in history.

At the same time, you will also be dazzled by each street corner that is postcard perfect, the heritage is beautiful and well maintained and the cliff, an impressive geological monument.

The main strength of our private tour is that it is tailored live. Each private tour is unique. We can make an introductory tour or focus on very specific themes. We always adapt the content and itinerary of our private tours according to the pace, the questions, the background or the desires and requests of our travellers.

Our private tour is therefore sufficiently versatile to suit a varied clientele: foreign tourists, first time and seasoned travelers, locals, families, groups of friends, corporate groups, authors of historical books. This therefore goes from the couple who are looking for a more intimate historical activity to the company which wants to offer an interesting activity to a few dozen employees after a training stay.

Reservation for Old Québec Private Walking Tour

2 hours + $150.00
3 hours + $225.00
4 hours + $300.00
1 hour

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Highlights and more confidential places

Most of the time, our customers want to see the highlights of Quebec: Château Frontenac, Catholic and Anglican cathedrals, city hall, Petit Champlain with the royal square and the royal battery, the city fortifications, National Assembly of Quebec, St Louis Gate and more.

Sometimes we go off the beaten track to discover places little known and ignored by most. This is particularly appreciated when some spots are too crowded.

We can also guide you in untouristic neighbourhoods such as Saint-Roch, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Parlement Hill and more.

Duration of the private walking tour

2 hours for a private tour of Old Quebec is a minimum to be able to tackle the major themes of local history while having a good overview of the built heritage.

We recommend a duration of 3 hours though. This is enough to cover the upper town and the lower town and it is the duration that suits the vast majority of our customers, especially because we respect your pace.

For those who like to walk and want an even more detailed tour, it is obviously possible to book a much longer tour. For example, we have already done a 6-hour tour: it was possible to cover Petit Champlain, Old Port and Old Quebec in detail, but also to explore Parliament Hill and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste and St-Roch neighbourhoods.