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Your Roots Private Walking Tour

    Do you have French-Canadian roots ? Your ancestry is probably related to Québec City and its surroundings. We can design a private tour based on your family tree. Contact us for a free quote and see what we could do.

    How do we proceed to tailor a private walking tour with your French-Canadian & Quebec ancestry?

    1. We try to find a match between the information you give us and the databases we use. More precise is the information you provide (name, date of birth, date of wedding, etc.), the better. We usually can track ancestors from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s.
    2. We check your full family tree, and not only the father-line, on the databases we use.
    3. We try to find famous people (first settlers most of the time), soldiers, King’s daughters, etc.
    4. We connect the fate of some ancestors to the historical events: depending on location and age of the people, their fate was different.
    5. With the information we gathered with your family tree during the preparation, we tailor your private walking tour in Old Quebec, sometimes in Old Lauzon and Old Levis. We show you monuments or streets related to your ancestry, we explain what happened to your ancestors, what they probably saw and did. It’s not only about history anymore, it’s about your history. Depending on your family tree, we could also talk about Acadia.
    6. After the tour, we can ask to our partner Kim from The French-Canadian Genealogist to work with you on your family tree.
    Reservation for Your Roots Private Walking Tour

    Based on your family tree, we connect your French-Canadian roots to Québec City and Canadian history during a private guided tour of Québec City or Lévis.

    2 hours + $150.00
    3 hours + $225.00
    4 hours + $300.00

    Reminder: taxes are included and it's a price per group (up to 15 people).


    When would you like we guide you?

    You can also share them later by email. Supported files: doc, docx, pdf, zip, ged, txt

    You can read our terms & conditions here.

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    Requirements for a private walking tour based on your family tree

    If you already have a family tree with more or less details, that’s great. The only thing we need is at least one person of your ancestry born in Quebec Province in the XIXth Century, with the spouse or husband to be sure we select the right person. It can be several people from different branches.

    If you only have one ancestor from the 1600s, it’s good, but it’s much better to find all the people between that oldest settler and you. Therefore, we’ll probably need the names of your grand-grand-parents if not older.

    If you know you have French-Canadian roots but you’re unable to provide us with information that we can use, we will put you in contact with Kim (The French-Canadian Genealogist), she should be able to solve the problem and help us to work on your private tour. We’ll also be happy to work with your own genealogist.

    Do you need to have French-Canadian roots?

    You need an old bond between your family tree and Québec City large area. It’s going to be more likely French-Canadian than something else, but not necessarily. Québec City had a huge Anglo-Canadian community back to the 1800s. If you’re related to them only, that will be possible to focus on them.

    How to book a private tour based on your genealogy?

    You must book at least 48 hours in advance. Earlier you book, better it is: it will give us more time to work on your ancestry and we’ll be sure a private guide will be available for you.

    If you’re not sure we’ll be able to use your ancestry to tailor your private tour, feel free to contact us first. We’ll take a look at your family tree for free and we’ll tell you if we can use it.

    To book the private tour, full payment is required.

    Do we provide private driving tours based on your family tree?

    Yes we can do it, but you must contact us to have a quote. There will be an extra cost for transportation and that will vary a lot depending on distance and group size.

    To avoid transportation and reduce the extra cost drastically, we can also produce a document with instructions and itinerary that you could use on your own, without us.

    Is it going to be different from a regular private walking tour?

    The history is still the same, but we’ll focus on historical events more related to your roots. We’ll use your family tree to illustrate the impact of such events on your ancestry. You’ll feel you’ll know some of your ancestors, rather than just having an understanding of general history.

    I would describe our tour as pretty amazing. It was fabulous to walk the streets my ancestors once did and to see documents with their names in it. Especially amazing was the museum* and statue of Guillame Couture my 8th great grandfather and his importance to the City of Levis. Your diligence in researching more of my family tree than even I knew was very insightful. Also, discovering that Abraham Martin (Plains of Abraham) was my 9th great grandfather was not something I had uncovered.

    Martin P. (California) 2019

    *It was a temporary exhibition on Guillaume Couture, by the Société d’Histoire de Lévis, inside the St-François-Xavier chapel.

    Partner for this unique private experience: The French Canadian Genealogist.