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Where to write a review ?

If we guided you, feel free to write a review on Google Review or:

How to write a useful review for travellers ?

You could mention what you enjoyed the most with the guide and/or about the city. Fake reviews are a real issue, if you provide very specific information it will help other travellers to trust you.

Our travellers originally wrote about our guided tours mostly on Google ReviewFacebookAirBnB and TripAdvisor.

Why are the reviews so good ? That’s because we only work with among the most experienced and skilled tour guides in Quebec City. That helps a lot. We also brief them about our standards and technics to provide high quality tours. Some of our public tours (Classic Tours) are unique, we worked hard on fascinating themes. Our Private Tours are always tailored and that’s essential to provide an exceptional experience. Finally, half of the success of a tour is the traveller himself and, so far, we got amazing travellers.