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Kebek : Water & Ice

    The St. Lawrence, a major economic axis in North America, has seen successive empires, industries and means of transport. Imperturbable, the River still saw its wildlife decline.

    From Quai Paquet to Anse Tibbits in Lévis, the shores of the St. Lawrence with Quebec City in the background will be the scenery of this guided tour of Kebek, where the river is narrow. You will discover how the seasons and the tides rhythm life and have influenced the course of history.

    Let’s take the time to imagine the eels, the logs (pitounes) and the railroad in the summer; the ice bridge, the icebreakers and the ice canoes in the winter. Let’s immerse ourselves for a moment in the environment of famous people such as Elizabeth and Allison Davie, Captain Bernier or humble workers, railroad workers, cageux and boaters.

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