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Old Quebec : Winter Walking Tour

    You’ll discover magical places eatilled with a rich history in enchanting sceneries. You’ll learn the main facts and see the highlights of Quebec City’s historical center. Like the famous Place royale, Château Frontenac, City Hall and cathedrals (Catholic and Anglicane). Because this tour is seasonal, provided during winter only, we’ll focus on the influence of the cold season on historical events, local culture and architecture. The Winter Walking Tour stands outside, in the quaint streets of Old Port & Petit Champlain (Lower Town) and Old Quebec (Upper Town), but we’ll make warm breaks inside buildings. To tease you, here are some winter topics : Bonhomme Carnaval and the biggest winter carnaval of the world, impact of the ice bridge on the economy, ice canoeing, siege of 1775 with Benedict Arnold…

    Important notice :

    • You can book a ticket on the website or pay it directly by the guide. The Musée de la Civilisation don’t sell any tickets for the Winter Walking Tour, they only greet us to meet each other and start.
    • Please wear warm clothes, warm socks, warm shoes. Even if we do warm breaks, we’ll spend most of the time outside. Winter here is very cold and windy. Ski suits are useful and you should consider something warm like this. Don’t worry : you’ll survive.

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